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VRCP The What's and How's

VRCP is a program we designed for The Recognition of Veterans that are living a life of Sobriety and or Recovery.

If you know a Veteran that has struggled with addiction, rather it's been with any (street drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, gambling, or alcohol) etc...  But are now living a life of Sobriety or Recovery for at least one year, then this is for them.

 They deserve this recognition!

Show your Veteran how proud you are of them and show them they are not in this alone.

For every Shirt, Hoodie or Hat that is purchased we donate a portion of our proceeds to shipping out these handcrafted certificates for free.

Grab your VL4L (Veterans In Recovery) Certificate by just sending us your info down below and somebody will contact you for more details.

The only requirements are the certificates are for Veterans (only) that have been clean and sober for at least one year.

And it has to be requested by someone other than the veteran.

Apply Here For Certificate

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